Connectivity Redefined: Exceptional Internet and Voice Plans for Modern Needs

Building a Better Tomorrow: Our Commitment to You

In today’s interconnected world, reliable internet and voice services are not just conveniences—they are essentials. FTI WIFI is committed to connecting you with the world through our comprehensive range of high-speed internet and robust voice services. From the expansive plains of Montezuma to the bustling streets of Cortez, our state-of-the-art line-of-sight technology, non-line of sight, symmetrical fiber optic internet, and versatile DSL solutions are designed to keep you online, all the time.

Connect Seamlessly, Communicate Clearly with FTI WIFI

Whether you’re indulging in high-definition streaming, competitive gaming, or seamless browsing, our internet services are tailored to your family’s digital lifestyle. Meanwhile, our voice services ensure crystal-clear communication, with cost-effective plans that include everything from basic caller ID to advanced VoIP systems.

Embrace the power of seamless connectivity and clear communication, crafted to cater to both households and businesses alike.

Internet For What You Need

For more details on our packages, speeds, and availability, contact us at 970-562-1824 and learn about what we have in your area

Additionally, our DSL service offers a reliable and fast internet connection without the need for a second phone line, combining your voice and data over one line for constant access.

Experience unparalleled internet connectivity with FTI WIFI’s diverse range of services tailored for Montezuma and Dolores Counties. Our innovative line-of-sight wireless service ensures a direct connection from our towers to your home, offering speeds up to 30 Mbps for seamless streaming and browsing. Our non line-of-sight T-REX WIFIBER delivers fiber-like speeds in difficult to reach areas with speeds approaching 600MB.

For those in Cortez, elevate your internet experience with our fiber optic internet services with symmetrical bandwidth of 100 Mbps or more, ideal for businesses and residents demanding high-speed internet without the hindrance of slow uploads or downloads.

Offering a variety of high-speed internet plans to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re streaming, gaming, or just browsing, we have the perfect solution for you.

No matter the technology, we deliver the best internet possible for you.

Reliable and Clear Communication

Experience crystal clear calls with our robust phone services. From basic plans to comprehensive packages including caller ID, voicemail, and more, stay connected with ease.

Embrace savings with our Lifeline Program, supporting those who need it most, and simplify your life with our local and long-distance service ensuring that staying in touch with loved ones or conducting business is both affordable and convenient.

Bridge to the Future of Business Connectivity

For businesses, our T-1 lines and VoIP technology offer secure, sophisticated solutions for all your communication needs, from increased security to economical phone systems that keep you connected wherever you go. Additionally, our hosted services eliminate the need for costly hardware investments, providing you with a sophisticated, multi-feature phone system that meets all your communication needs. From multi-line call routing to auto attendant systems, our solutions are designed to be as flexible and budget friendly. For businesses looking to enhance operational efficiencies, FTI WIFI also offers exclusive tower and building space rentals. Our strategically placed towers, alongside a climate-controlled building equipped with AC power and monitored telecommunications facilities.

Experience a legacy of connectivity, modernized for today’s communication needs. Let FTI WIFI be your bridge to the world with our state-of-the-art internet solutions.