Locally Run, Globally Connected

Carrying the legacy of Farmers Telephone Company, we’re here to revolutionize your digital experience with the same trusted values.

Growing with You

Farmers Telephone Company will always remain our parent company. We are embarking on a transformation of our upfront appearance to better align with our customers’ growing needs. In the spirit of technological evolution, much like the Pony Express became the telegraph, and the telephone has transformed into internet and WIFI, we are reimagining our internet brand.

Formerly known as Farmers Telecommunications Inc in Cortez, our CLEC company, we are excited to unveil a fresh and unified brand identity that combines both company names into a singular entity. This new approach ensures a seamless and cohesive experience for our customers, reflecting our commitment to innovation and service excellence.

People, Innovation, Community

We are now FTI WIFI with the same values, but a new name bringing in a new era of connectivity, innovation, and community. Just like Farmers, FTI WIFI is more than a name or a brand. It is a people, a culture, an example of what can be done when the right people come together for a singular purpose.

At the heart of our company are the employees and values that are brought to every interaction whether that be in your home, at your business, or on the street.

With over 100 years of history, Farmers has grown with the changes in technology and the growth of our community. However, the mission and vision of today is like what it was at the beginning.

Together, We Want to:

Build a Better Community

Keep the Human Connection Strong

Deliver Quality Internet and Communication Services

Innovate for the next generation

Connecting the Southwest: Bringing Reliable Internet and Phone Service to All.

We are proud to bring the best internet and phone services into some of the most beautiful areas of the communities we all live and work in. We have woven a network that covers the communities of Pleasant View, Yellow Jacket, and Cahone but also spans the majestic terrains of Cross Canyon and Dolores Canyon, offering connectivity from Taylor Creek to the Dolores-Montezuma County line.

We bridge the technological gap in remote locations, including the Hovenweep National Monument in southeastern Utah. Our reach includes the growing community of Cortez, ensuring residents and visitors alike can stay connected with our reliable services, even in areas where traditional WIFI and cellular data are limited.